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Issue 5       Dream News / بدايات جديدة - Bidayat Cedideh (Yeni Başlangıçlar - New Beginnings)  in collaboration with Kamer Foundation, Mardin -Turkey, 2022

Issue 4      Dream News / Muğlak, November-December, Istanbul-Turkey, 2021

                    ("Ambiguous" group exhibition curated by Derya Yücel in Vision Art Platform) 

Issue 3       Dream News / Chains, January-June, Istanbul, Ankara, Muğla, Çanakkale-Turkey, 2021

Issue 2       Dream News / Hayal Gazetesi, February, Çanakkale-Turkey, 2020

Issue 1       Dream News / Unelma Uutiset, October-November, Ii-Finland, 2019

Dream News is an entity that gives the news of the future to its readers and listeners through today's dreams. This publication is a collaborative experiment to share and shape the moment and the future. It is a collaborative practice to heal.  


The paper collects dreams from different communities in different geographies. It gives an empty paper to its contributors and people express their feelings in order to make them visible, heard and maybe realized. Dream News contains notes and drawings of the participants answering the question: What is your dream in the meantime and for the future?


Together with co-initiator Defne Tesal since 2019, five issues have been published. First in Finland with the advisees of 2 mental health rehabilitation centers. Second in Çanakkale/Turkey together with two different groups of women solidarity spaces. Third one was in the pandemic period. Instead of gathering in large groups we built a chain of people who carried the papers to other people whom they were already in physical contact with. The fourth issue was made in a gallery space together with the visitor. The last issue was done in Kamer Foundation-Mardin, Turkey with Syrian asylum seekers and locals who experience discrimination and domestic violence.

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