What does it mean to be an author in the hyper-interacted environment we live in? It seems that every sort of Object* is unwillingly and endlessly being eroded and shaped by every other. If any action of the Object* contains an infinite number of “external” factors, what is the role and effect of the “one” in this complex structure to which it is chained? 



I am an artist living and working in Istanbul and the founder of Dream News and the co-founder of HAH Kolektif based Istanbul. (1984, Giresun / Turkey)













2019    MA in Fine Art, St. Joost Master Institute of Visual Cultures, ’s-Hertogenbosch / Netherlands

2012    BFA in Combined Art, Yıldız Technical University Faculty of Art and Design, Istanbul / Turkey 


Artist Collective and Collaborations

2019         Dream News (in collaboration with Defne Tesal) 

2017         HAH Kolektif (Ahu Akgün, Gizem Karakaş, Ayça Telgeren, Defne Tesal and Murat Yıldız)                            

2018-19    Admit One (Alireza Abbasy, Elena Chemerska, Annemée Dik, Raffaella Huizinga, Donglai Meng, Simon Oosterhuis, Dorien Scheltens, Defne Tesal, Angela Vidić and Murat Yıldız)


Artist Residencies

2019    Lähde!, Artist in Community program, KulttuuriKauppila, Ii-Finland (October / November)

2019    Het Vijfde Seizoen, Den Dolder-Netherlands (January / March)

2016    KulttuuriKauppila, Ii-Finland (October / December)



2021    Non-eye centric drawing performance as a part of ‘From Seeing to Acting’ group exhibition curated by Radical Reversibility in Looiersgracht 60 (performing everyday from 12pm till 6pm between 15 Sep-24 Sep) Amsterdam / Netherlands. 



2019    1h 34’ 07’’ workshop to Akv St. Joost Bachelors Fine Art, ’s-Hertogenbosch / Netherlands (in collaboration with Ying Liu, Defne Tesal)

2019    Making Traces and Spaces, St. Joost Master Institute of Visual Cultures, ’s-Hertogenbosch / Netherlands (in collaboration with Eric Patel)

2018    Decentralization as a Form of Resistance, Studium Generale, St. Joost MIVC, Breda / Netherlands (in collaboration with Eric Patel)

2018    Individuals in Collective Practices, St. Joost Bachelors Fine Art, ’s-Hertogenbosch / Netherlands (in collaboration with Ektor Ntourakos)

2016    Random Creation Project, Iin Lukio, Ii / Finland (in collaboration with Defne Tesal)



2021    The words fluttered Istanbul-Part 1, (12 pages book, 13.8x13.8cm, 5 copy) Istanbul / Turkey

2021    Dream News / Chains, issue 3, (28 pages A3 co-operative newspaper, 300 copy), Istanbul / Turkey

2020    Dream News / Hayal Gazetesi, issue 2, (12 pages A3 collaborative newspaper, 500 copy), Çanakkale - Turkey

2019    Dream News / Unelma Uutiset, Issue 1, (24 pages A3 collaborative newspaper, 1000 copy), Ii / Finland    

2018    HAHcalendar, calendar publication of HAH collective, Art Unlimited publication

2017    HAH “Vesile” exhibition catalogue, HAH publication

2014    Amaçsız Cocuk (Aimless Boy), 180 pages, semi-autobiographical fiction, self-publication

Awards, Grants, Scholarships

​2020    Jump, Talent development project, supported by Province North Brabant / Netherlands

2017    Holland Scholarship for Master’s in fine arts education, Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Netherlands

2012    Ifsak Short Film Festival, Best Animation Award for Traiter Wolf short film, Istanbul / Turkey



2021    ‘Muğlak’ in Vision Art Platform, Group exhibition curated by Derya Yücel, Istanbul / Turkey (upcoming 4 Nov x 24 Dec 2021)

2021    'From Seeing to Acting' Group exhibition curated by Dutch Art Collective Radical Reversibility in Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam / Netherlands (15 Sep to 3 Oct 21)

2021    Kunstrai Amsterdam, Galerie Mieke Van Schaijk-Jump, Amsterdam / Netherlands

2020    Jump, Group Exhibition, Museum Jan Cunen, Oss / Netherlands

2020    HAHreading- random reading performance at Radio Modyan with Ayşe İdil, Istanbul-Turkey, participated as HAH Kolektif

2019    16th Istanbul Biennial: The Seventh Continent - ‘Digestion Programme / Processor’, as HAH Kolektif

2019    Werkwarenhuis, Group Exhibition, APPÈL Galeries, ’s-Hertogenbosch / Netherlands

2019    Jump, Group Exhibition Kunstpodium T, Tilburg / Netherlands

2018    ‘What Do We Dance For?’ Group Exhibition Gallery Nectar, Tbilisi / Georgia

2018    ‘Transition’, Group Exhibition at Eye Research Lab, Eye Museum, Amsterdam / Netherlands

2018    ‘There is another possibility: Open space and artist collectives’ exhibition at Kasa Gallery, Istanbul-Turkey, participated as HAH Kolektif       2018    ‘Sketch State’ Group Exhibition, Gallery 5, Istanbul / Turkey 

2017    ‘Maybe, we will benefit from our neighbour’s good fortune exhibition’ curated by Işıl Eğrikavuk at Halka Art Project, Group Exhibition, Istanbul / Turkey, participated as HAH Kolektif

2017    HAHasks recording performance as part of MÇPS recording studio created by Can Altay and Saz Arkadaslari, produced by Amira Arzik at 5533, Group Exhibition, Istanbul-Turkey, participated as HAH Kolektif

2017    ‘Vesile’ (Occasion) Group Exhibition by HAH Kolektif members together with guest artists Etem Sahin, Selim Birsel and Lara Ogel at HAHmekan, Istanbul / Turkey

2017    5th. The Rijswijk Textile Biennial, Group Exhibition, Museum Rijswijk, Den Haag/Netherlands

2016    ‘Keeping the Trace’, KulttuuriKauppila, Duo Exhibition with Defne Tesal, Ii / Finland

2016    ‘Are we happy?’ Group Exhibition, Galeri 5, Istanbul / Turkey         

2015    ‘Teneffus’, Group Exhibition, Galeri 5, Istanbul / Turkey

2014    ‘Interception’, International Textile Artists Group Exhibition, Galeri 5, Istanbul / Turkey

2010    ‘Ambiguous Situations’, Group Exhibition, Yüksel Sabancı Art Center, Istanbul / Turkey​


Artist Talks-Presentations

2019    Research Presentation, V2_, Lab for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam / Netherlands

2017    Being part of a Collective, As part of "Kuşla Göz Arasında" exhibition, Depo, Istanbul /Türkiye 

2014    Artist Talk, Text Analysis, Yeditepe University, 07.10.2014, Istanbul / Turkey



2012    White Sun, Light installation (18m), Adahan Hotel/Istanbul - Turkey (in collaboration with Lale Platin)


Short films:

2011    Hain Kurt (Traitor Wolf), Stop Motion Animation (in collaboration with Defne Tesal)


Screenings for Hain Kurt:

2012    Ifsak 32. Film Festival, National Short Film and Documentary Competition, Experimental Category, Finalist

2012    Akbank 8. Short Film Festival, Short Animation Category

2011    Malatya 2. International Film Festival, National Short Film Competition, Finalist

2011    International 48. Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, Special Screening Istanbul 7. Animation Festival, Short Film Competition, Finalist