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Dream News / Telephone Calls 

How can people form their future?


Telephone Calls - a follow up project of Dream News - provides a space for its participants to have a monologue for as long as they want, revolving around the specific question of “What is your dream?” (for now). I call the participants, ask this question and record their monologue until it ends. I publish these calls with their English or Turkish subtitles as a video file with a picture provided by the participant. The participants use a nickname of their choice and stay anonymous. 


As with Dream News, “Telephone Calls” also gives the news of the future to its listeners through today's dreams. Conventional news provides yesterday's information, while the news of the future is hidden in today's imaginations. The sound broadcasting “Telephone Calls” is another experiment to shape tomorrow by today’s imaginations. 


24.11.2021 /

2:10 minutes with Eyn


-Image maintained by Eyn- 

The language is in English with Turkish subtitles

29.10.2021 /

19.02 minutes with Liu


-Moving image maintained by Liu- 

The language is in English with Turkish subtitles

09.09.2021 /

10.44 minutes with Goofy


-Image maintained by Goofy-

The language is in Turkish with English subtitles

09.09.2021 /

9.33 minutes with Pazhooh


-drawing made by Pazhooh during the telephone call-

The language is in English with Turkish subtitles

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