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'17    Hahsoruyor-HAHasks / HAH Kolektif

collective reading performance, october 2017, 5533, Istanbul

5533 is a contemporary art space based in the istanbul textile traders market (i̇mç) which formerly was a passage of music labels and recording studios in unkapanı neighborhood.

in the fall 2017, they hosted a project by can altay and saz arkadaslari which consisted of transforming the space into a recording studio providing, free of charge, the setting, a pop-up studio, sound engineering support and distribution of the recorded works for local artists. the studio hosted many local bands and musicians alongside with artists, designers who recorded podcast on different subject. we participated in the project with a reading performance titled ‘’HAHasks’.

HAHasks is an improvised and collective exercise of reading one after another, interview questions, from random art magazines to highlight the absurdity and the recurrence of the questions that are asked to artist. HAH Kolektif

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