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'18     “The words Fluttered Şanlıurfa” 28 pages artist book, A5, Şanlıurfa-Turkey


How do words form us unconsciously? 


Words fly and hit the ear… Loads of words circle around a person. Unless blocking, they inevitably leave unconscious marks in the mind. With this book, I wanted to perceive and document the words and the phrases that hit my ears. 


For “The words fluttered Şanlıurfa”, I went to Göbeklitepe, an archeological site registered as the first temple of humanity around 12 thousand years ago. There, I recorded the words that hit my ear in the 21st century.


I wondered whether this new union of several tribes coming together forced the individual to hear words fluttered around, which I believe was one of the causes that forms the mind till now. Moreover I was and still intrigued to find out whether this was the initial foundation of greater crowds.


Among the 20 hours of recordings, besides wandering around Göbeklitepe, there is a 5 hours walk to the site and my excursion in the city of Şanlıurfa. This 28 page book is a result of the full recordings which I edited to 1.39:02.


“The words Fluttered Şanlıurfa” 28 pages artist booklet, A5, 20 editions

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