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'19     “The words Fluttered Bayrampaşa” 41 pages artist booklet, A5, Bayrampaşa/Istanbul-Turkey

                                                                         1.02:08 sound, smell, steps and direction recordings


How do words form us unconsciously? 


Words fly and hit the ear… Loads of words circle around a person. Unless blocking, they inevitably leave unconscious marks in the mind. With this book, I wanted to perceive and document the words and the phrases that hit my ears. 


This book consists of written documentation of the words, smells, steps and directions while walking in Bayrampaşa- Istanbul/Turkey.

I walked where I walked before, and recorded all the words I hear, all the smells, number of my foot steps and directions I took. Bayrampaşa is the place where my father had lived. In this work you can find the written documentation of what words impacted on my ear, which smells I felt, and the subjective map of Bayrampaşa through my steps.

In daily conversations what we hear are structured, reasoned sentences consecutive to each other in a logical form. While walking one hears many stand-alone words or phrases without the context to follow up. Subconsciously these words enter one’s ears and effects. I am looking into the words we didn’t notice or selected to process.

The words fluttered Bayrampasa_1-02-08 s

“The words Fluttered Bayrampaşa” 41 pages artist booklet, A5, 20 editions

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