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'17    "No name one"  - site spesific intervention - color pencil, pastel, marker and charcoal on wall - HAHmekan, Istanbul

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How do we unconsciously form our environment?


I am determined that human beings are very powerful in shaping the environment, but the scary point is that this is done even unconsciously. “No name” reveals the unconscious physical forming effects of humans in their environment.


In 2016, after the terrifying bombings in Turkey, I have started to repetitively scribble with a black ink on a white paper to heal my self. Then I realized that all objects constantly leave traces behind. So I was intrigued to follow them around to make them visible, as I was sure that they would link to other connections. (


"No name one" shows the traces unwittingly left on the walls. I highlighted the frictions, collisions and touches with different colors to freeze the past interactions. Passed relations between objects are revitalized by coloring the traces and bruises they leave behind. Thousands of touches, leans, accidental traces on the walls, experiences of not fitting in, kicks, bumps, fingerprints are being revealed. 


“No name one” was done in Istanbul as part of “Vesile” group exhibition by HAH Kolektif. 

“No name two” in Den Bosch, as part of my graduation project in 2019.

(click here link to see "No name two" made in '19)


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