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'17    Without Encounter / HAH

‘without encounter’ is a work about interaction. it creates a space where people, without necessarily seeing each other, can either answer each other’s questions and/or ask possible questions to the already existing answers. building a communication network through a simple game, the installation aims to lay foundation for random dialogues where it is possible to come together without necessarily co-existing. this random dialogues are written on overhead piece of papers, forming altogether a cloud hanging in the air.

while the written questions and answers intensify over time, invisible links and anonymous encounters appear and disappear in the air. the cloud is spreading in an uncontrolled and non-linear way, the dialogue is open and it is possible to change or rewrite history. ‘without encounter’ is a project that we aim to develop in different venues. it is not an installation for a particular site, rather a long-term project that we would like to carry to different contexts and archive the different dialogues within. thus far, it has been exhibited in two different locations and situations in istanbul. in halka art project space, it took place in a group exhibition about the concept of neighborhood. in kasa gallery istanbul it is part of an event considering the practices of coming together and the current dynamics of collective acts.


we would like to realize the next phase of the project in a new language, a different context and a different city as part of jeune création exhibition.

in the long run, we will turn each installation into a series of interactive books containing the collected questions and answers. 


exhibition history

-halka art project, istanbul, 2017, as part of ‘komşuda pişer bize de düşer’ (maybe, we will benefit from our neighbor's good fortune) group exhibition
-kasa gallery, istanbul, 2018, as part of ‘bir ihtimal daha var: açık mekan ve sanatçı kolektifleri üzerine’
(there is another possibility: about open space and artist collectives) group exhibition 

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