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3:20, video and sound installation, 2017

This is a 3 minutes, 20 seconds long sound installation. You hear the tick tock sound of a clock.

A clock determines the periods, fixes the intervals. However, if listened really carefully you can hear that this particular clock is disordered. The tick and the tocks representing the seconds are distorted or confused.
I am not saying all the time keepers should be disordered. Yes, if all the clocks in the world started to repeat themselves, act out of orderly manner, we might end up in a chaos. I’m not proposing chaos. Time is making me nervous. I am also not saying that humans are very engaged and they don’t make time for themselves.
Instead; while the clock is living its own chaos, I am just trying to breath calmly. You can notice, one side of my nose is stuffy. I am waiting. I am trying to stand still and try not to make a sound.
Toward the end of the piece, an alarm sets off close by, an alarm set for another time. It stops a while later.
Music is coming to my ears, to your ears, from the outside. A dog is barking, a car is passing, the fridge is working, a plane is flying, my hands are trembling, I am swallowing, my muscles are hurting, I try to stand still, I cannot stand still, I am constantly moving - moving, shaking, trembling, breathing, the weather is cool, an alarm is ringing, breath in, breath out and abracadabra.



3:20, 2017


 Two channel sound installation 

Total length: 3:20 (played in a loop)

Format: MP3

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