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Flowers and Leaves, series, 2022, flower and leaves on canvas

I directly paint with drying plants as an attempt to keep them as they are.

They can’t resist the time; every second they lose their color, water, shape. As a reaction to this loss I think about ways to collaborate with plants. One way is to directly use them as the medium and the tool, and make paintings on canvas with the plants' own pigments to keep them alive. I position this process as an attempt to slow down the time for those who are on the verge of extinction and think about the idea of producing with them for their benefit as well.

-After 2 months and 11 days- 


the most beautiful flower in the world - 180x180cm - 25 September 2022 - flowers, leaves on canvas

I have done this painting with the flowers and leaves of my neighborhood too. But this one I didn't finish. I left it as it is. I also didn't want to use a protector spray this time. I want it to flow and fade away with the breeze in its own time.

IMG_6209 copy.jpg

Sonbahar 2022 IV 🍂 Autumn 2022 IV⠀

Tuval bezi üzerine yaprak - Leaf on canvas⠀



Sonbahar 2022 I 🍂 Autumn 2022 I⠀

Tuval bezi üzerine yaprak - Leaf on canvas⠀


IMG_5659 3.JPG

the sunflower on your table - 80x65cm - 2022 - flower, leaves on canvas


A bouquet of sunflowers were brought to my studio as a gift by a friend. I wanted to keep them alive so strongly that as they started to decay I plucked pieces of leaves and petals off them and started to paint with itself on a canvas. This is a race against time. Leaves and flowers dry in a few days and sadly drying takes their colors away. Therefore every painting has to be finished in 2 or 3 days.


Using a spray protector on the finished work from both sides I try to slow the time for them and keep them alive as much as possible. I try to collaborate with them and turn them into paintings. I wonder how they feel about what I do. 

Pool of flowers - 170x170cm - 2022 - flower, leaves on canvas


Not yet titled - 160x160cm - 2022 - flowers, leaves on canvas

Not yet titled-160x160cm-2022.jpg
Flowers that dry in two days detail.jpg
Flowers that dry in two days, cut trees.jpg
Flowers that dry in two days, leaves.jpg
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