'18    0+1+0 


Site specific audiovisual installation, 3:53, Eye Museum-Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2018

zero plus one plus zero is a sound installation/site specific intervention that took place at the Eye Museum, under the Eye Research Lab Project, February 2018. It played in the cinema without any visuals on screen.

In the sound piece you hear a large crowd talking inside a theater house, after a while they stop talking as if the show is about to start. Then it’s complete silence for a minute, but instead of a show starting the crowd in the sound work starts to talk again. The whole sound piece takes 3:53 minutes. What I am curious about when making the audience listen to the sound in the cinema hall is the change of perception they will go through. Cinema is an organised space, the audience coming has a knowledge about this organisation. With “0+1+0” I put an unexpected gap between the organised system.

The work starts in complete darkness in the cinema hall. We hear the crowd talking. After a short while the sound of the crowd slowly gets silence and simultaneously the lights in the cinema gradually opens. The audience is exposed to themselves and to each other as if the ‘show’ itself for a minute, in bright light and silence. Then the lights gradually close and the crowd starts talking again. I wonder what people will do when the talking stops and the lights shine on them. Maybe everyone will look at each other or try to watch themselves or give signs to each other confirming the mutual unexpected feelings they have.